09 March 2012


It's Friday, hoping to make some progress on this 14 channel monitor project. I thought I'd post an update first.

Thanks to dragorn for giving me a shout-out (or tweetout) yesterday. Now I have more motivation to actually finish this thing so I don't look like a quitter.

I'm going full steam ahead with this internet stuff and have set myself up on twitter. A few clicks and a twitter feed now shows up over on the right side of this page. Actually it took a bunch of clicks but most of them were to disable Ghostery and NoScript blocking so I could click through the twitter gadget addition process and allow the "twitter badge" to actually show up in my browser. I'm going to slow down before I go and do something totally crazy like get on facebook.

I broke out my old samsung moment the other day and installed the latest UberMoment rom by TheTehk17. The thing runs *much* better. Anyway, I got "the twitter" on it so it should be easier to post progress pictures that way. So check out the pictures in the tweets listed on the right.

Here's a few pics of what I'm calling "the mounting" progress (it's not much progress :) )
The plan is to get the radios and the LNA mounted to a small sheet of aluminum that is attached to the splitter, wire up a power harness (for ext. USB and LNA ) and get the whole thing inside some sort of box/case etc. with bulkhead connections for RF, usb, and power. We'll see.
Holes drilled for pigtail exit to splitter (on extra hole visible due to mistake, more mistakes on the other side of the radios!)

$5.75 wifi sticks have no built-in RF shields. Also, pigtail in new exit hole/groove

Pigtail exit, finished look

SMA to RP-SMA adapters weren't present when I took this mock up of how things will be mounted

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