26 January 2014

Centos 6 python-crypto version and Abe Blockchain Explorer

Trying to make Abe blockchain explorer work on Centos 6 for Litecoin and I kept running into Merkle hash errors:

MerkleRootMismatch: Block header Merkle root does not match its
transactions. block hash=5c64e0d3548c8dd2b850798d77c18070a3032505ce601

14 January 2014

Bluetooth module working with Custom Android DRO Shield

I posted long ago about a Custom Arduino shield for use with TouchDRO from www.yuristoys.com. I explained how I had preferred to use RS232 wired output, but I had broken out the connections for hooking up a Bluetooth module.

Yuri was kind enough to add a direct USB connection method to his TouchDRO app, and it worked for me with a USB OTG cable and USB-Serial dongle hanging from my Nexus 7. I was pretty happy but I didn't actually have my scales mounted to my machine so this was just all sitting on my desk looking pretty.

Reading Yuriy's posts comments, I saw the light and became convinced that Bluetooth was the way I needed to go. I ordered the Bluetooth module Yuriy used here on Amazon