14 January 2014

Bluetooth module working with Custom Android DRO Shield

I posted long ago about a Custom Arduino shield for use with TouchDRO from www.yuristoys.com. I explained how I had preferred to use RS232 wired output, but I had broken out the connections for hooking up a Bluetooth module.

Yuri was kind enough to add a direct USB connection method to his TouchDRO app, and it worked for me with a USB OTG cable and USB-Serial dongle hanging from my Nexus 7. I was pretty happy but I didn't actually have my scales mounted to my machine so this was just all sitting on my desk looking pretty.

Reading Yuriy's posts comments, I saw the light and became convinced that Bluetooth was the way I needed to go. I ordered the Bluetooth module Yuriy used here on Amazon

The module came with the ribbon cable shown above which I split apart into individual pin sockets and slipped onto my header pins.

TouchDRO connected right up once I went through the normal pairing process in the Bluetooth settings on my Nexus 7. It also worked smooth as silk with my Razr M smart phone. I can't believe how smooth and nice the app is. Thanks Yuriy!

The box I'm using to house my Arudino is all metal, so I needed a way to get the Bluetooth module with it's integrated antenna outside or at least wire up an antenna from outside the box. Luckily the ribbon cable was just long enough to reach outside the box and I had a old N-Connector type stick antenna that I could hollow out and slip the whole Bluetooth module into.

Bluetooth module just fits inside Antenna housing:
Bluetooth module slipping into hollowed out antenna

I hollowed out a bulkhead N Connector and mounted it in the side of my project box.
Hollowed out bulkhead N connector

All assembled:
All assembled

Now if I can just get the scales mounted to my X-Y table I will be able to get back to work on my ks14 project which I long ago put on hold until I could to restart with an aluminum block milled to house the 14 radios.

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