16 December 2013

mining rig rack power upgrade

I recently got in enough parts to build 2 small 3x 7870 rigs (actually one card is a 7950). I needed at least 1 more power outlet because my first rig (5x 7970) was pulling 1200W on a nearby outlet, but I wanted to get a dedicated one for the first rig also.

My "rig rack" (built from the corner posts of an old server cabinet) had room for quite a few more motherboards so I decide to do a full bore power upgrade for future mining rigs.

I figured 6 20amp breakers would be plenty.

6 x 20A Breakers added (2 already wired)
The breaker panel was right next to my rig location in an unfinished basement so the wiring would be simple enough
6 #12 cables for 120A total

I needed at least a single post to mount outlets to. I decided to just make sort of a wall with an opening wide enough for box fans. With the rig rack sitting in front of it all they could blow through the GPU's easily.
Built a piece of a wall to hold fans and outlets

One Receptacle per Circuit
I just slapped some CAT5 cables on with a little switch and bungee corded the box fans to the rig rack for now. If GPU's ever come down in price and I add rigs, I'll dress all the cables in better and get the switch and fans mounted for real. Normally I strive for http://www.reddit.com/r/cableporn quality work but I tend slack off on my own stuff.
Not pretty yet, but rig #0,#1, and #2 are now running

Here's the results (Rig 2 GPU 2 is the 7950 running hotter):

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