13 March 2015

ks14 project is not dead

Looking through old posts I see i started my ks14 project in 2012. I wasn't excited about the rf module mounting setup back then and have been working towards being able to machine up some real RF cavities (or at least "RF-cavity-like") parts.

At this point in my DIY Mill project and after implementing Yuriy's TouchDRO on it, I think I'm finally ready to do it right.

Here's a 3D model of the part I need to stack 14 of the USB RF Modules together in a single solid block:

ks14 rf cavity dimensions

Here's the USB RF module that will sit in the cutout:

Stacking those cavities up should make a nice package of Wifi radios. I'll make a couple one sided cavities for the top and bottom covers of the stack and connect them all to the RX splitter already detailed in old posts.

I still need to work out how I'm going to wire up the USB, but I'm pretty sure I'll be gutting the USB hubs I had planned to use and wiring them in.

Hopefully this weekend I'll mill out the first cavity, get things adjusted so the module fits nicely and have the ks14 project back on track.

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