07 February 2015

P410i firmware update from Centos on HP Proliant DL360 G6

As of this posting, as far as I can tell from digging through hp.com, if you want the latest v6.60 P212, P410, P410i, P411, P711m, P712m, or P812 Storage Controller firmware updater for Linux:

  1. It's only available for 64bit
  2. It's only works with the cciss driver.
  3. It's here CP023866.scexe
I got obsessed with updating a DL360 G6's P410i firmware before making a RAID array and installing Centos 7.

I tried rescue boot for Centos 7 and found the cciss driver had been replaced with "hpsa" and the firmware update script always fails to find any hardware to upgrade. You can read about the hpsa/cciss migration here or here.

I tried Centos6-32bit bit rescue mode boot. There was a no "tr" command, got that scp'd over from another Centos6-32bit install and found that the binaries extracted from the CP023866.scexe (which is a bash script) are built for 64-bit. (tail -n +371 CP023866.scexe >out.tar.gz ; tar -zxpvf out.tar.gz )

Centos6-x86_64 rescue mode boot runs the script and finds the P410i HBA, with just some errors about the "tr" command not found. I was afraid to confirm the actual firmware upgrade assuming the firmware could be corrupted by the missing "tr" command.

So I copied over a tr command from another Centos6-x86_64 install and the script ran with no complaints (/usr/bin/ is not writable, put it in /tmp and add /tmp to your path) and updated the firmware just fine.

In the future if they update the tool to work with hpsa driver, you won't need to boot an older OS with cciss.

Updating P410i Firmware to 6.60 on Centos6 x86_64 rescue mode boot

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  1. Thanks for this! I have a DL380 G6 on the way and this will come in handy to do the firmware update for the P410i -- and then I should be able to just install Centos 7 using the built-in hpsa driver, correct?

    Any chance you could link a download for the "tr" binary just to make it easier for those that just want to boot a Centos6-x86_64 rescue CD and run the firmware update?

    Thanks again!